Question #1: I've never been in a recording studio before, where do I begin?

Question #2: I write lyrics but I need music put to them. Can you help me?

Answer: Absolutely! What you are looking for is a "producer" to help you create music for your lyrics. We work with a variety of producers that specialize in all different styles of music. Pop, Jazz, Classical, Country, Hip-Hop, Rap and Gospel are just some of the types of music we can help create. We have worked in the music community for over 30 years. This gives us access to numerous talented individuals to help you create the perfect track for your lyrics.

Question #3: I'm interested in visiting your facility, do you charge for a tour?

Answer: No we do not charge for a tour of our facility. As a matter of fact, we love giving tours of Sunrise. We are very proud this facility and love showing it in person. However, please do not show up unannounced. We try and schedule tours around clients so we do not disturb them. In addition we have security in place so we know who is coming to the studios. Just call first so we can put you on the guest list and reserve a time for your free tour of Sunrise Sound.

Question #4: Do you do Mastering and just what is Mastering?

Answer: Yes we do Mastering. Mastering is the last creative step in the production process. Mastering allows the producer or artist one final chance to correct problems in the “overall sound” of the album or CD.  Mastering can help correct subtle problems or enhance the overall sound, however a great master starts with a great mix. Many people have misconceptions of the mastering process. Here are a few.

Misconceptions of Mastering


• Mastering can’t fix the relationship between all instruments like a mix can.

• Mastering will not fix problems related to production, such as timing of instruments and pitch problems.

• Mastering can only enhance sound, not fix a poor sounding mix.

• Clients expect Mastering to be the end all, be all to production, when in reality    it’s more like the last 5 to 8 percent.


Question #5: What Are Your Rates?

Answer: That is an impossible question to answer. Seeing that we have multiple studios and engineers that charge different rates (due to their specialties) a flat rate card is almost impossible to have. However we work with all sorts of budgets. Some of our clients only have $150.00 to spend and some have over $150,000.00 to spend on a project. Now obviously you can't do a 14 song CD with real players and a full string section for $150.00. However many clients needs don't require all that. So please give us a call so we can discuss you needs. We can work with almost any budget.

Question #6: I have music I want to sing to that is currently on a CD. Is this a problem?

Answer: No, bringing in a CD with an instrumental track to perform on is not a problem. However you should be aware of some limitations. First a CD is what we call a "mixed two track". Meaning it is simply a stereo mix of the music. In normal professional production we work with multi-track recordings. This means all the instruments that make up the song are on separate tracks. ex: the kick drum is separate from the snare, the snare is separate from the bass, etc. This allows our mix engineers to properly manipulate the sound to match your voice. Very few "radio" songs are recorded from a two track instrumental. However for a demo it will work fine and we have many happy clients that only bring in CD's for their instrumentals to sing over. Just be aware of the limitations.

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